Sunday, 15 June 2014

I'm in love…

I am so in love with my new noro yarn that I can't stop. This was definitely love at first sight. Bought some noro yarn a while ago, knew had to make something with it but wasn't sure what exactly. That didn't stop me from buying because that's what we do. Don't we? Went on looking for inspiration on pinterest and what do you expect next? Nope, I could not sleep. Was loaded with ideas which actually doesn't help because we get even more confused than before, right. But one fine morning while I was sipping my tea, I just knew had to hook this yarn as I could no longer see it lying on my desk. So I have started... now you need to wait. Wait until I've finished.



I have nearly finished, well maybe not. At least the back, both arms and one and a half front is done. So I guess, I could say nearly there. Still quite a bit to knit and all that sewing. I don't even want to think about that right now. It's a long cardigan, a long afternoon might be required to finish this one.

For now I will leave you to whatever you are doing without taking anymore of your time. Till next post. O yes! Hope Father's Day was good for you.


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