Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Gypsy Caravan

Sunshine, beautiful flowers and the girls were at my friends house. A good day for me to play around in my caravan and set things up. Yes! It's Tiffany. All ready for our next camping trip. I wanted a Bohemian/Gypsy look inside.

Even my bag, my Indian patchwork gypsy bag, was filled with colourful yarns.

I just wanted to spend some time inside my caravan. Looking around and thinking about my new projects. Also pulled out my knitting and...

...thought about sitting on my velvety bed. Very Bohemian, lots of colourful cushions and textures.

 It's also very comfy.

A nice little knitty project was complete in my new caravan today.

 It was about time to close the door and pick up my girls from friends house.

Couldn't wait for Olivia to come back home and try out her new hat.

Yes! I know, it is getting warmer.

But that's what my girl wanted.

Look how happy she was! And the hat fits her so well. Now she wants a blue hat. Well, now that might be a project for autumn.

Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine, and have a wonderful Easter Holiday,
from Hippy Thread


  1. I am in love with your beautiful caravan!
    Your daughter looks so lovely and happy in her new hat!

  2. Thamk you Mrs B for your kind comment. xx