Monday, 28 April 2014

Coffee, Knit and a Chat

What a glorious day it was today. Perfect to sit out in the garden swing chair, with a nice brew of coffee and if you have noticed my new yarn. It is going to be something for me! When I saw this yarn in the shop, I just couldn't stop myself. Had to buy this. Love the colour and the yarn is so beautiful too. I hope the weather is still nice for the next coming days so I could sit out and knit. Anyone interested for freshly brewed coffee and a knit knat? You are most welcome to join me.

Well, at least Peggy (my hen) looked very interested to join me. She is very nosy, let me worn you. You may find her hanging around just to listen to our gossips.

I love lazy days like this, just relaxing and knitting or reading a book or maybe nothing at all. Just lying on the swing chair in the sun. I do lack vitamin D in this country.

These tulips were in a different planter last year, then after they finished flowering, I planted them outside in this pot. I have two more pots like this. But they might do even better if I plant them in the soil I think. Might do that sometime this year.

Oh well, that coffee was nice and now I am looking into patterns to decide which one to knit.
Enjoy the sunshine

Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Day with Julie Arkell


Finally, the day was here. Talented Folk Artist Julie Arkell came to Hope and Elvis.

But until she arrived from London, we were given a little task to create our name badges by Louise Presley. She also gave us all goody bags!

We were very happy to receive that Louise, but what about you? Hope you were happy too. Anyway, thank you so much for our goodies, and making that extra effort of stitching all the lovely little bags!

My name badge was done.

Ah! Julie's creatures. Don't we all love them?

And these flowers...

Just the wait was for Julie Arkell to come now.

Yes!!! There she was. Thank you Miss Debs, for picking her up from the train station. We were so happy to see Miss Debs with Julie Arkell.

What a relief Louise thought.

Just catching up girls.

Julie started showing her war time inspired brooch technique, to those who wanted to start making them.

These flowers were her new collection. the petals were stuffed on the top left flower brooch. 

Her Tick - Tock watches... Never gain or loose a minute.

These were called shape brooches. New to her collection.

Aren't they so cute?

Lots of bunnies were made.

 Did you notice Julie's earrings by the way? I think I won't mind a pair of those myself.

How much I love bunnies. And therefore it was decided for me - a bunny it had to be!

Rachel worked really hard

So she deserved to rest.


Is that Viv from Hens Teeth?

Yes! I was so pleased to see her again. What a lovely and beautiful lady she is.

I have done it, yes! my bunny is also almost done. Yuppy!

At the end of the day we put all our Julie Arkell makes on the table.
Lots of bunnies were created. My bunny had some bling.

Flowers and butterfly's!

More bunnies and war inspired brooches...

Look at this, the colours and fabric chosen was perfect for this little bunch!

Thank you for the lovely lunch, and most importantly a wonderful day Louise! And finally my dream to meet Julie Arkell came true. I never loose my Hope to meet talented artists at Hope and Elvis, I am never disappointed.

So, when am I going there again? Well, I know I wont have to wait a long time.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Easter Break


Just a little bit of crochet and some more slow stitching during the Easter break. And the rest of time was spent with family; friends; lots of walks and lazy moments in the garden, enjoying the sun.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Gypsy Caravan

Sunshine, beautiful flowers and the girls were at my friends house. A good day for me to play around in my caravan and set things up. Yes! It's Tiffany. All ready for our next camping trip. I wanted a Bohemian/Gypsy look inside.

Even my bag, my Indian patchwork gypsy bag, was filled with colourful yarns.

I just wanted to spend some time inside my caravan. Looking around and thinking about my new projects. Also pulled out my knitting and...

...thought about sitting on my velvety bed. Very Bohemian, lots of colourful cushions and textures.

 It's also very comfy.

A nice little knitty project was complete in my new caravan today.

 It was about time to close the door and pick up my girls from friends house.

Couldn't wait for Olivia to come back home and try out her new hat.

Yes! I know, it is getting warmer.

But that's what my girl wanted.

Look how happy she was! And the hat fits her so well. Now she wants a blue hat. Well, now that might be a project for autumn.

Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine, and have a wonderful Easter Holiday,
from Hippy Thread