Saturday, 22 March 2014

'How does your garden grow?'

 This is such a beautiful time of the year. Everywhere it looks so pretty! The trees are full of blossoms.

 It is lovely to sit outside with freshly brewed coffee on a sunny day...

 ...watching Maggie, Peggy (hens) and Nibbles (bunny). Could sit with a nice book or knitting but I just wanted to enjoy the spring as it's finally here! Just enjoy fresh air and the beautiful trees and flowers.

I cut just a few branches of blossoms and Rosemary from the garden for my flower pot, or rather jug. I love mixing herbs and flowers, so much better than shop bought. You can be so creative with them too. Did anyone watch Garden Revival when they showed about British cut flowers? I do enjoy watching garden and wildlife programmes on telly.

This is the time of the year when I start getting itchy for gardening. Lots to do at the moment but it still feels quite cold and the heavens opened up again. Typical...

'Grow your own' by 'Carol  Klein' and 'Thrifty Gardener' by 'Alys Fowler' are two of my favourite garden books. I do miss watching these shows on TV. Anyway for now I have bought a few tomato plants and cress seed packet (egg and cress sandwich... YUM!)

'I wonder how does your garden grow?'

Some yellow crocus and a tiny tomato plant on my kitchen windowsill. Look at the cute little lamb and the hen. Last year I got them from a craft gallery in Cornwall. I just fell in love with this little baa baa sheep.

Sun or rain, I am just enjoying the spring and am dreaming of growing lots in my little vegetable patch.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

"All colours go together"

It has been incredibly beautiful weather lately. Lots of sunshine and warmth, even though at times I felt bit of a chill in the air but still... definitely feels like spring. We are not far, almost there. And my hexagon quilt which I started last year for Olivia is no where near complete.

So this spring I want to start working on this quilt again. As I see colours everywhere now blooming in the sunshine I also need to work in my garden. For last two year garden got a bit neglected.

I have now a little helper so lots of garden planning is also going on.And while I am still enjoying the sunshine, I cant help myself but think of colour. Colour for my garden and colour inside. I just love colour and flowers...

...So I pulled out some of the fabrics I had. If you read my last blog post you must have seen the Mollie Makes special edition was out and I got very inspired by "Katharina Woman's quirky, Bavarian apartment photographs. Her house is a riot of colour and there is a common feature in between us and that is the love for gypsy-caravan style. There is a gypsy soul hidden in me which shouts colour all the time.

Therefore, I decided to make myself a Bohemian style Quilt.

 For a long time I have been thinking to make one but did not have the courage to take on such a big project.

But enough is enough. I had to get my gypsy soul happy by making this very colourful quilt!

So there I was. I have cut and sewn the blocks in strips but still have to cut few of them straight as you can see. but at least I have started and have made a promise to complete these two quilts before I even think of any other quilt. Knowing myself its not going to be easy but at least it will push me to finish mine and Olivia's quilt this year.

After all that sewing and gardening had to go out for a walk and enjoy the sunshine, as you know it can be all dark and depressing next week.

So went to Staunton Harold Reservoir. Ten minutes drive away from us and I love the end of the walk where you can even find a mini beach.

I love sitting down here, watching the ducks swim

Hubby and Emily made sandy hills and stuck some twigs on them.

It is amazing what you can sometimes find just within minutes of drive away from home. Even a sandy beach Well we have been enjoying lots of sunshine and colour lately and I am up for mixing all different colours inside and outside my house this year as all colours go together.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Bit of Colour on a Sunny Day


Sun was out today and it felt lovely and warm outside.

Did my grocery shopping and sat out in the sun with 'Mollie Makes' special edition. Maggie and Peggy were happy in the sun too

Girls were hungry so came back inside, after lunch when little Emily went for her nap, I sat out again with Mollie.

These shorts reminds me of my younger days when I chopped my brand new jeans to make it look something like this. Oh! Lovely memories came back with sunshine today.

Love the bag and scarf, so colourful and cheerful!

 If colour is your thing then this issue of Mollie makes is for you.

Wow! Was nice to see colour and sunshine today...

...and this is how far I am with my knitting at the moment. This is for me...

 ...and this one for Emily. She wants everything to be in purple now a days. 

She picked some purple flowers as well, when she went to the garden centre with mummy yesterday.