Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dinner Table


 For a long time I wanted this book, and finally it arrived (yesterday morning). There are some lovely projects for home, which I intend to do one day.

The day I have no crochet, knitting or painting going on. I wish the days were longer so I had more time in hand. There is so much I would like to do, but I have only two hands and limited time. Well, not as much time as I would like anyway!

It was a beautiful morning, so I sat and did some crochet. The girls left me on my own. They were playing nicely and have been very creative this week. Maybe I can show you in my next post.

But for now this is what I want to show you. My blanket is slowly growing and I would like it to make it quite big; big enough for me and the girls to hide under it on a cool summers day. Maybe when we are camping out and sat in front of campfire roasting marshmallows and sipping hot chocolate. Oh! How I want it to be summer. But I am waiting... still waiting for the spring.

I know it is not too far away. The blossoms are coming out already and filling up my vases. Some of my spring flowers sadly got crushed under Maggie and Peggy (hens) feet.They have done a good job in my little vegetable patch, its all nicely racked by them but have also destroyed some other plants. Oh well! All forgiven, especially when I collect eggs everyday and think of our yummy omelets and pancakes. Pancake day is not far either. Hooray!

Had to stop my crochet here for today and clear the dinning table for some food. Indian it was today. Kasuri Methi Chicken curry, one of my father's recipe. The girls loved it.

Recipe book out...

 .... Ingredients all chopped...

...And dinner on plate. Yum yum!
Hope you are also able to enjoy bit of sunshine and I wonder what you had on your dinner table for today!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The free range...


...After feeling poorly for the last couple of days, finally got all my energy back; the much required energy (as it is half term). Olivia is home, hubby in London and of course little Emily is home. Did I forget Nibbles (bunny) and Maggie and Peggy (hens)? Had quite a few eggs and didn't feel like doing much for last few days, so thought of using my free range eggs for lunch. Of course it was far too much for just me and Olivia so invited my neighbour over. Was nice to catch up anyway. Six eggs, two potatoes and a bag of spinach... there you have one tasty Spanish Omelet! Seems like a productive day. And the hexagon table mat was finished this morning, so I could put that on my table and light the candles.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Last week...

It's amazing to see all the valentine things selling in the shops together with Easter decorations. Even before Halloween you can already do your Christmas shopping now-a-days. Well last week was Valentines and I was feeling a bit under the weather. Felt like hibernating but only if it was possible. 

Beginning of the year I decided to start a slow stitch cloth, inspired by Jude Hill..... And it has been a real slow stitch cloth for me. It is growing very slowly but I am not in a rush. Enjoying the slow process, weaving and stitching little by little. Adding scraps of vintage quilts and other pieces to it.

 The two hearts above was bought thinking would be added on to a bunting before Christmas but it didn't make it into a bunting. So I unpicked the stitches and the front and back of the heart found a place in my slow stitch cloth. It's so old and fragile that while picking it up, it was tearing off, so had to put some extra stitches on them.

'Love is Beautiful' written by pen will be embroidered one fine day...... I hope!!!

Thought this little piece of cloth would be finished on the Valentine week but had a horrible headache and cold so did not feel like doing much of stitching. After all it is meant to be a slow stitch cloth!

Had lots of ginger lemon tea in bed last week and a gentle new project, I know...... I haven't even completed previous projects and started another one. But that's me. I am so loaded with new ideas always and cant wait to start them. As soon as I see where I am going with that project and I can almost see how it will look I start loosing interest and want to start a new one. It's not so much about the finished work I guess for me Its more about getting the ideas out of my head. But do promise slowly you will start to see my finished works. This one had to be started as it looks like purple is Little Emily's favourite colour. She keeps pointing out purple throughout the day. So mama decided to knit her something PURPLE. Better finish this one soon though as my experience with the older one was they sometimes have their favourites only for couple of days.

Hope all of you out there had a lovely Valentine week. I am so looking forward to some nice weather now. Stay nice and warm and snuggled up!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cozy and Romantic...


...It has been really mixed weather lately, with sun, wind and rain. At home we are trying to stay warm and cosy! I got couple of lovely books for my birthday, yes I am another year older this week!And this book above 'Romantic style'  by 'Selina Lake' is perfect gift for this week. How I love this beautiful vintage dress, (sorry not a good photograph ) which I wish to put it on for my birthday dinner. Not having a party might  just go out for a simple pub meal. Could wear that dress any day of my life. And as this is a week of romance and again I am indulging myself with lots of chocolates. At least I have an excuse for it! The small wire heart, which I made last year in one of Priscilla Jones mixed media workshop, we used wire, paper, fabric,wax and other goodies. I also made some flowers and birds on that day. The beautiful hare was Christmas present for me from a lovely lady I met on that day. They are all on my mantel piece which my hubby kindly painted white for me. Love that soft romantic look on the mantel piece.
My little helper (Emily) was rearranging some of my knitted squares, which might turn out to be a blanket one day. But for now I am knitting a jumper, all for me. After all that hard work Little Emily wanted a snack. Oh yes, she loves dry cereal any time of the day and some times the whole day long! Later when Emily went to bed I just made some space for myself and sat on the floor. The sun was out and it was lovely and quiet. The woolly sock was a gift from my mother; it comes from north part of India, where it gets very cold and they have some super warm winter clothes. This is such a cosy and Romantic week for me!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Moss and daffodill...

Last couple of days were lovely and sunny! Sunday we went for a walk and Monday was all charged up to start a new jumper (yes, for me) with a nice cup of tea.

We went to Elvaston Castle, not far from us. Thought it would be slighter less muddy than walking in the woods.

 Little Emily was wrapped up warm. Yes it was sunny, but still a bit cold

Good job we got bit of sun on us that day, as we are back to rain and gusty winds today. The picnic table were under the flood so we found a better place to sit and have our lunch.It was quite dry here. The girls actually enjoyed sitting on the fallen (though might be chopped) tree. Oh no!  I have only two girls Olivia and Emily. The third one is Olivia's friend who joined the walk with us.


I love nature and there is nothing else quite like it. Fresh air, muddy boots and lots and lots of food. End of our walk we collected bit of nature. As soon as I saw moss (and heaps and heaps of it) I knew what I wanted to do, after we reach back home.

Thought to plant the daffodills out of the two little pots and put the woodland picks for that day around it. I was sure the moss will be used some way or another...

Oh how beautiful nature is!

After dropping Olivia's friend back home, I brewed some coffee.

Yes, it was just the right time for me to sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy my little garden on the dinning table. Later, I placed it on my kitchen windowsill next to my lovely handmade lemon soap bar from Lush. Hand made soaps are another weekness of mine. They look and smell so delicious; just what I like.

Anyway, hope you were able to go out and about while it was dry. Now that we are back to rain I must pick my needles again.

Thanks for reading and please don't be shy to leave a comment or two!