Thursday, 30 January 2014

Moroccan tea and yarn...

 I sat on the floor watching Emily's toys all around my little craft room; I could tidy them up; and do some ironing, as my pile of clothes have started looking like a mountain; could cook some food for us but then...... Took some of my yarny projects for this year out on the floor and thought: may as well put the kettle on and sit with one of them!

 The green throw on the left of the sofa was a present from my mother three years ago; that got me started. So I decided to crochet my first blanket. Had to be colourful one, as I was left with my mother's leftover yarns which she kindly gave me. I also decided to knit one red cushion for Christmas.......

 ...and crochet a grey one...

... When baby was on our way I started crocheting a blanket. Another stripy one, it took me only two years to finish this little blanket! At some point I thought it would never get complete. But I did manage to complete it and little Emily loves it! Mama is pleased.

With my new projects on the floor, I had to decide which one to pick while little one was asleep. Time is very precious as I don't seem to get as much as I would like to spend on my art. But I find little crafty projects easier to do these days than my paintings. Might have to wait a bit longer before I am able to paint as much as I would like to, and exhibit a bit more again.

 To be honest with you I quite like craft. In fact, there was a point at university where I was confused and thought of joining craft instead of Fine Arts. Though, I am happy to have completed my Degree in Fine Arts; and I'm enjoying my craft work along side. Trouble with me is, I like so many forms of art and craft; in fact all of them! And its very difficult for me to settle down with only one of them. I am quite happy to be jack of all.... Haha :)  That's what my sister says to me! It's all about what you want in life and what keeps you happy.

So finally I settled down with my pink and grey crochet blanket and yes, my Moroccan green tea, which I bought other day. Looking forward to starting a new painting tomorrow after dropping little one off at nursery. Will post it once complete, till then enjoy doing whatever you like the most!Remember, it's your life after all.
Big hug!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Rainy day...

Goodmorning my friends. It is dark and looks like rain is there to stay, well for today. A good reason to stay indoors and get on with my knitting!
Whatever you are doing today, hope you have fun!
Happy Sunday

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Old and New...

Now that we are feeling a lot better at home, I pulled out some of my old and new projects. It feels like haven't done anything for ages. I was little bit confused where to start first then picked on my old cloth which I weaved after being inspired by Jude Hill's work. Just a couple of stitches was all I could do as the little one still needed much attention from me.

Two days before, I took this picture in my garden. I am a bit confused about this ROSE. It seems a little bit too early but I have two of these buds on one of my rose bush already. Is it spring already? Or winter still, I am confused.

 By noon when the little one went for a little nap, I started knitting this scarf which I started in December, a little late to be finished as a Christmas gift for hubby but he might be able to use it sometime this year, I hope.

 At least managed to be bit creative today after a while of not feeling well...... Felt like cooking something sweet!

Cherry Almond Crumble it was on our plates. O' how yummy!

Now that I had been bit creative and ate, it was time to think about something new....

Bought these new shades of wool. Yes, still thinking of winter. So picked these chunky wintry colours. So I'm sitting on a chair with a nice cup of tea, and I start thinking about what I could make, a blanket perhaps?


Monday, 13 January 2014

Vintage Love

I would love to live in the countryside, in a beautiful little cottage with everything old and rusty. My love for vintage and old things has tempted me to change little bits of our modern house over the last few years, as for now it's not possible to move house. Many inherited and many bought from vintage shops have slowly found place in our house. For a long time I had this idea of a plate rack on this wall in my kitchen, and now that it's finally up, I have displayed some of my favourite china and old tins. Collecting old tins is a recent passion of mine and I'm now forever looking out for them.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Friday morning...

As I walked into my kitchen, the smell of hyacinth filled the air. A nice cup of lemon tea, to start Friday morning was just what I needed after a big struggle to take the little one to her nursery.

I swapped the previous picture from the wall and hung my painting which I did on Monday. I must say this looks much better along with my other painting but I think I need to bring the painting on the right little bit lower to match the levels. 
Finally the time came to get in my studio and start a new painting. I started off with a bigger canvas but it was just not happening as I still felt sad and guilty to send Emily to nursery. I know in long run it will only do her good but for now the love of mother-hood came in between. So I left the bigger canvas for that day and started on two smaller ones which I managed to complete that day. 

Just a few close up shots of my 2 new paintings




Later that day when hubby brought Emily back home she looked very happy and the girls at the nursery told him she ate and slept well and enjoyed the day; so I guess there was no need for me to feel guilty after all. After dinner I sat with a glass of wine, the day was still productive.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
big hug and thanks for reading my blog! x

Sunday, 5 January 2014

In my garden.....

We have been very busy in the garden today. It has been quite a mild winter and I have already started planning on what would grow in my kitchen garden this year. For the last three years (because of the new baby) my garden was a bit neglected but hopefully this year my toddler can help mama in the garden. Maggie and Peggy are a big help already, though sometimes they scatter the pile of leaves and I have to sweep them again. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Welcome 2014

We have indeed left 2013 behind us. We've left many more things behind. Had a quiet but wonderful Christmas and one of my dearest friend, infact the first friend I made in England came over to spend New Years with us. Friendships! Old or new doesn't matter, it is just beautiful; but some friendships are so wonderful that you can't leave them behind. We take that with us wherever we go, year after year. So in this brand new year I have brought with me some good old friendships and many old unfinished projects; work that I would like to finish this year. but I am not fussed. If not I will carry them to the year after. Just like friendship.
I don't have any New year Resolutions, I only intend to start a new slow cloth which I can take with me year after year, or maybe not depends if I manage to finish it this year. So many talented artist I have come across in last couple of year. Having lived in this country that I feel very lucky. Lucky to be able to see their work, lucky to be inspired by them and even more lucky to have met some of them in person. There is one artist I came across recently is Jude Hill. Her work and blog is amazing. Many of you reading my blog here may already know her work but if not. my friends, do have a look at her Blog, its called Spirit Cloth.
I have some beautiful memories of the countryside and the landscape surrounding us and also my travels abroad. Many new paintings are on the way and just a few old ones to finish. So this year my intentions are very clear: Lots of new and old paintings; a slow stitch cloth using old vintage fabrics; some crochet; knitting; gardening and if have got anytime left then cooking for my family and friends. I hope I am not being too ambitious there. Well, life is short, no one knows whats ahead of us. So lets just enjoy the moment, friendships, and whatever gives us happiness this year.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year!